Fashion influencers visit with students


Kemper and Jordan Baugh are two ULM alumni with a passion for fashion.
Meeting while still at ULM, Kemper and Jordan would soon get together and start a fashion vlog to promote their passion with their friends and family.
Today, the couple’s joint Instagram account has over 150,000 followers. Kemper, the main model for their page, is now a fulltime “influencer.”
An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect the purchase decisions of others because of their knowledge, position or relationship with their audience. This is usually done through social media.
The Baugh’s Instagram is their main source of “influencing,” since it has the largest following, but they also operate a Facebook, Twitter and blog.
“It takes determination, it takes a lot of work,” said Jordan about their couple weeks after launching their Instagram.
The Baughs said they had to be very selective when deciding what types of clothing or brands they endorse on their social media.
“If I wouldn’t spend my personal money on it, I wouldn’t work or model their clothing,” Kemper said.
Consistency is key, according to Jordan. Their audience expects similar content from them, so they try not to diverge from their root.
Beginning a blog is hard according to the Baughs, and making a living out of it is even harder. Of the two, only Kemper is full-time. Jordan continues working another full-time job but said he’s going to make the jump to full-time very soon.
While meeting with students on Wednesday, the Baughs went over their beginning while at ULM and some of the hardships and successes they’ve had in the field.
Some of the brands they’ve modeled include Nike, ASOS, Lulu’s and Forever 21.
While talking to students, they talked about various techniques they use to better market themselves and how the industry is growing and changing.
Both Jordan and Kemper aren’t sure what the future holds for their blog but agree that as long as they’re doing what they love, nothing else matters.