First Amendment Rights: Is it fair to cancel Kanye West? (For)


Kanye West.
A musical genius, winner of 21 Grammies and has had every album but his inaugural album go number one on the charts; needs to be over. Tell me if you’ve heard of this before, a white person writing an op-ed piece about Kanye West being inflammatory and annoying. The irony and redundancy, is not lost on me. Though, there is a genuine need to cancel Kanye West now.
Kanye West has lost his grip with reality. While many have claimed this in the past for once, West’s situation is dire. Many news sources have written about his support of the current president, but that is not nearly the largest issue.
Kanye’s continual spewing of inaccurate information is the most troubling aspect.
The rhetoric he’s used has been common over the years.
It’s the idea that what has happened to black people is black people’s fault. His comments on slavery being a choice are this in a nutshell; it’s just maddeningly incorrect.
In summary, he said what happened to African-Americans sounds like a choice. He then went on to say that it’s like they were mentally imprisoned.
What he’s correct about is the mental imprisonment,but he’s incorrect that mental imprisonment equates to someone’s fault. Chattel slavery is one of the evilest institutions mankind has ever created. For someone to place blame on individuals being subjugated is wrong and stupid.
West’s comments in the oval office also struck a nerve. From his idea that black people vote democratic for welfare, the idea of little “masculine energy” to the idea that police officers are being forced to shoot black people.
West believes to himself that he’s improving the country and that he’ll improve the country for black people but the rhetoric he’s using won’t.
There is no way of quantifying that black people vote democratic simply because of welfare, but many do vote democratic. More so, because Democrats have more consistently supported and put black people into office.
Secondarily, Kanye’s idea of masculine energy missing in our government has no argument. There have only been male presidents and Congress is 80 percent male.
Masculine energy is flowing in, out, up and down the government.
Even his comments on police brutality are a mess. Law enforcement are serving their community.
Unless in fundamental danger, police are not supposed to shoot people, period. Danger does not equal shooting people.
Many proponents of West’s antics reference his mental health situation, frequently referring to his diagnosis of bipolar disorder.
The issue is common. People do not have the responsibility to uphold a celebrity’s mental health. It would be wonderful if the world worked that way, but it doesn’t.
Often times, we cannot even hold our friends responsible.
Even beyond that, West himself sought out another diagnosis from bipolar and got his answer.
If Kanye has decided within himself that he does not want to follow the initial diagnosis then so be it.
It is not the public’s responsibility to coddle him during his manic episodes.
West, his friends and family must help him, not everyone else.
If Kanye wants to play politics and spew misinformation then I propose we all say no more. He can say whatever he wants with no press.