Petting zoo begins week with love

As part of homecoming week, the Student Government Association (SGA) sponsored a petting zoo and dunking booth at Bayou park.
Students around campus enjoyed the love and hugs from the different animals including baby pigs, bunnies, a bearded dragon, goats, and even a miniature pony dressed as a unicorn.
After stressful weeks of studying and taking midterms, ULM students really appreciated the stress relief .
“I thought it was a great stress reliever to just pet and play with the animals out there, but the pigs were my favorite part. I made my boyfriend take millions of pictures,” said Jasmine Thenekhamsyharath, a pre-dental hygiene freshman.
Early childhood education freshman Briana May had similar experience with the furry animals.
“The animals made my day 100 times better! The piggies snuggled up to me and made the stress of my classes disappear.”
Even the cloudy sky couldn’t hide the smiles on the students’ faces as they saw the animals.