Laird Weems Center opens up


The university hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the Laird Weems Center Friday morning. The center is to be the new home of the ULM Foundation and the Alumni Association team.
“I want to thank the families for being here and giving us the opportunity to name this family after them,” said Nick Bruno, the ULM president when speaking at the opening of the Laird Weems Center.
The new building will house the ULM Alumni Association and Foundation teams as they strive to better serve the university.
The ULM Foundation was founded in 1961 and supports the mission of the university through a variety of endeavors according to their website.
One of the Foundation’s main goals is to provide scholarship aid to attract students to the university. Another of the Foundation’s objectives is the attracting and retention of high quality faculty members.
The Alumni Association works with keeping alumni up-to-date on university business and organizes events for alumni to attend.
The Laird Weems Center is named after Billy Laird and Don Weems, two men who spent their lives making multiple contributions and donations for the betterment of the university.