Would you die for freedom of speech?


According to cpj.org, in the past year, 45 journalists have been killed while doing their job. Most of these journalists were killed in places like Afghanistan, Syria, and U.S.
One of the most recent murders was the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist for the U.S. According to bbc.com, Khashoggi was strangled and dismembered in Saudi Arabia.
The thought of journalists being murdered is something that should bother all of us. We have become a society where sharing the news of what is going on around our world is no longer acceptable.
Journalists are being killed because they are using the First Amendment which includes the right to free speech.
If we cannot accept news from journalists who report the news because it is their job, will this lead to the killing of people that we don’t agree with?
Many people are already being killed just because others do not agree with their views on whatever issue it may be. As a society we have become intolerant of other’s beliefs and viewpoints on issues and can no longer listen to what others want to share. While we have our own beliefs and viewpoints, I think it is important to look at other’s perspectives, because it can help us grow our knowledge in understanding those around us better.
Do we have to agree with everything that person says? Of course not, but we should be willing to gain better knowledge on what others think.
We all have different backgrounds and beliefs; that is what makes America what it is. If we were all the same in our viewpoints and beliefs, our culture would not be as diverse and rich as it is. If it was decided by some higher up that journalism would no longer be an occupation, where would you get your news from? There would be no local news, New York Times, Fox News, or wherever you get your news from. We would not have comedic news outlets like Buzzfeed or The Onion. There would be no reports on what is happening at our borders, the mass shootings in America or who won the elections.
Without journalism, we would have no idea what is going on in the world.
According to cpj.org, nine out of ten of those who murder journalists are free from punishment.
It is important that we take action for journalists so that we will be able to stay informed on issues that occurring all over the world.
First, understand that everyone has a right to free speech. We all have different opinions on issues, and we should respect others and not be upset when they do not agree with us.
Second, you can find out more statistics from Committee to Protect Journalists. This group advocates for protecting journalists from being murdered from those who disagree with them.
Committee to Protect Journalists posts articles on current events happening with journalists and impunity with journalists. For those who are journalists, on the Committee to Protect Journalists’ website, there are first aid videos to prepare you for what physical injuries happen to yourself.
The CPJ gives training videos, the equipment and other resources which helps journalists prepare for their outfield excursions.
They also give safety advisories on what articles are dangerous to report currently in the world.
We need to stand with those who go out into dangerous parts of the world to report the news for us.
If we believe in journalists who want to report the news to us, then we will end up better informed on the world around us. come.