Halloween Ball gets spooky at new location


If you are any other classification but a freshman, you might have noticed that the annual Halloween party took place in a brand-new location this year.
On Tuesday, Student Government Association (SGA) hosted their annual Halloween Ball in Bayou Pointe Event Center. Although the location was different, students felt that the party still aimed to please.
Senior psychology major Luke Arsement always attends the annual dance party. But this year, he felt SGA made a great executive decision to host the ball in the new event center.
“I feel like this year there was a bigger turnout and I credit that to the bigger dance floor,” Arsement said.
And, he was right. The entire ballroom was filled to the max with partying students decked out in various costumes “whipping” and “wopping” to the beat.
“I wish I had dressed in costume,” said Tiona Harris, a pre-pharmacy senior. The eager student was excited to be attending the party for the first-time, but she had no idea that it would be so enjoyable.
“It was really fun, and I wish someone had told me to come way before now,” Harris said.
The ball’s theme this year was Carnival and some students came decked out in theme appropriate gear, but those students were not the ones that won the costume contest though.
“I didn’t think the “Tina Twerk” would earn me the title of “Best Female Costume,” said Kimi Sargent, a psychology senior.
Sargent was exhilarated when the SGA president announced she won with her Tina costume from the popular T.V. show “Bob’s Burger.” She was one of the five students who won best costume at the dance. The winners awarded cash prizes.
The rest of the dance continued on with free food sponsored my Aramark, bopping music from the DJ and a cash bar for students 21 years-old and up.