New hours equal healthier students

Coming into college, everyone has heard of the “Freshman Fifteen,” the massive weight gain students face attributed to the lack of not working out and new eating habits.
With that said, I am thankful that the Activity Center has considered that many students lack the proper amount of exercise and extended their facility hours from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Thursday.
I know this came with a lot of apprehension from students, mostly workers, when the news broke. But, I don’t think the university did this to work the student-faculty to death; they were just looking out for the students who cannot work out during the day.
I commend the Activity Center for this effort. They heard the students complaints about the early closing and took the steps to change that for us. They wanted to promote a healthier lifestyle for all of ULM’s students.
With all of this freedom, it is now up to the students to take the initiative on how they plan to spend their free time.
They no longer have to feel constrained to go to the facility at a certain time, skip a workout because of their busy schedules or pay for a real membership at a gym.
Instead, whether it is a late-night jog or a few minutes of pumping the iron, students can spend the desired amount of time at ULM’s facility.
Now, days after the extension of the Activity Center’s hours, many students are relieving their stress from their rigorous days of studying by spending their nights in the weight room or playing basketball on the courts.
You can even chill in the sauna or relieve some stress in the steam room—late at night.
It is truly motivating to see the energy of all those enjoying the facility during these late hours instead of having to go to a local rec center where there is not a familiar face for miles.
It is also very encouraging to know that the school has been taking steps in the right direction as ULM tries to live up to the title as the “Best on the Bayou”.
With the school being as progressive as it is toward the opinions and needs of its students, a positive atmosphere is circulating around campus between all members of the school.
With all of this said, big things could happen to the Activity Center in the near future.
Maybe new training equipment is in store for the Activity Center. Or, maybe even a rock climbing wall or anything that will make our exercise experience better.
As more and more students continue to use this momentum and come to the rec to work out, maybe the school will see that we actually care about the Activity Center and will do everything they can to make our experience good. Who knows, maybe they will build us another building.