Man arrested on multiple drug charges

ULM Hawkeye

Monroe resident Aaron Couch is facing jail time following a run-in with police officers on Wednesday. Couch was booked on five separate charges including a felony.

The charges are illegal carrying weapon (presence of narcotics), resisting an officer, possession of drug paraphernal, possession of a controlled dangerous substance, schedule II and traffic laws. Couch was seen by Officer Jeffery Turner as he rode down the wrong side of the road.

Turner spotted an Aramark bag with a biohazard logo and pulled Couch over. Couch initially lied and claimed his name was Jarrett Couch as a way of avoiding a warrant out for his arrest. He also lied about his birthdate as another deterrent.

Upon further inspection by Officer Turner, Couch was found to have a blue container with suspected methamphetamine, a pipe with possible methamphetamine residue, a Hi-Point C9 9mm firearm and a bank bag with containing 9mm bullets.

Couch also had two warrants out for his arrest by both the Monroe police department and West Monroe police department. Couch has since been moved to Ouachita Correctional Center. Couch’s bond has been set for $3150.