Fall Fusion showcases students’ efforts


ULM has always been the center for some of the best performances on the Bayou.

On Friday, the School of Visual and Performing Arts continued this tradition of bringing the arts to the students and community through the annual Fall Fusion.

Choreographed by associate directors of dance, Robin Stephens and Tina Mullone, this year’s concert included seven selections and featured the ULM Dance Repertory Ensemble.

Many different styles of dance were performed by the dance repertory ensemble.

For Bryana Baines, a pre-nursing sophomore, this was her second fusion concert.

Baines has been involved with the dance department since joining the Chi Tau Epsilon dance honors society her freshman year.

Each semester’s performance brings something different to campus and hosts a chance for the community and students alike to experience something new.

“These concerts are a way for students to get out and interact. It is also a way to see something different, like the various types of dancing,” Baines said.

Baines was extremely satisfied with this year’s Fall Fusion and loved the way the audience was involved.

“The crowd was amazing, I loved the way they interacted with screaming and clapping not only at the end of dances but during the dances as well,” Baines said.

Baines wasn’t the only dance ensemble member returning for their second fusion concert, however.

Natalia Chambers, a health studies pre-professional student, said she got her start in dance on campus after taking an elective.

As far as the future of the event, students can expect it to only get better. New dances are added each semester to keep the concert fresh and relevant.

“You can expect the ensemble to continue to grow strong, develop more, and work hard to create art that not only looks good but has meaning,” Chambers said.

The next fusion concert will be the Spring Fusion 2019 concert held next semester.