Time to start writing again

How many of you at one point in your life or another kept a diary or a journal? Nowadays, as students or professionals, we’re always busy. Nobody wants to waste precious free time on something like writing. Keeping a journal or writing, from time to time, is a great stress reliever and an even better thought organizer. Good writing skills are an amazing asset to have and everybody should be writing.

A few semesters ago, I took an English composition course and enjoyed doing my writing assignments, but wished I had more time to dedicate to the craft. The urge grew even more once I started writing for the student newspaper. Yeah, I was writing more, but something was missing. Late last semester, I began journaling and couldn’t recommend it enough for others to try.

Now, you don’t have to write much for it to help. An example of this is the ULM planner the university hands out every year to students. As soon as you walk in the door, the university is encouraging you to write and stay organized with those planners. Ask any advisor; they do it for a reason, especially if they know you haven’t been the most organized person up to that point. It’s never too late to get organized and start writing       things down.

Also, if you’re one of those people that throughout the day has a million thoughts going through their head, then writing can also help. Instead of overthinking, write it down in a journal or type it into the notes app on your phone. It helps you not forget things throughout the day. Being able to organize your thoughts is a reward in itself.

Apart from being organized, multiple articles mention communication as one of the most looked for skills in job candidates. The basis of good communication is writing. Practice makes perfect. Since writing is a crucial part of communication, it would be hard to find a job where you wouldn’t have to write.Check your school syllabuses, email etiquette is a requirement when communicating with your professors.

Writing can even help you stay healthy. The Positive Psychology Program has an article on their website with a list of 83 benefits journaling has for dealing with depression, anxiety and stress management. If you struggle with any of those, then that’s another reason to start writing.

Journaling is often recommended to patients by counselors. For me, it helps me not overthink as much and organize my thoughts. It also keeps me organized throughout the day with a to-do list I can check things off of.

Like I stated before, you don’t have to do it often or much, but you should give it a try. If you’re a student at ULM and want to try some different forms of writing, give Student Publications a try, they’re always a big help.