A& E harbors ‘Hoarders,’ keeping compulsions at bay

ULM Hawkeye

Ever knew a person who saves any and every item for long peri­ods of time?

People who are willing to let the items just stack higher and collect dust; A&E’s hit TV show “Hoarders” is for you.

“Hoarders” take viewers into the homes of individuals whose collecting addiction has taken a turn for the worst.

The show allows viewers to see the ups and downs of people with compulsive hoarding disorders.

This is the show’s third season and people’s addictions have got­ten crazier and even more out of control.

People are willing to lose every­thing, such as contact with fam­ily members, in order keep their items safe with them.

“Hoarders” also takes the view­er on the road to recovery with the victims. Some pass the test and others are oblivious to the fact that they processed a hoard­ing problem.

At the end of the show, the viewer will see which individ­ual was able to let go and who could not bear to see some of the weirdest things, like a house full of rats, be cleaned up and made livable.