Dodie reminds us what it means to be “Human”


The message behind Dodie’s EP is all in its title, “Human.” With only seven tracks, she somehow finds a way to honestly depict raw human emotion.

Her career began on YouTube where she uploaded her first video to the channel “doddleoddle” in 2011. It was a performance of an original song, “Rain.”

People from all over the world instantly connected with her music. In a few short years, she quickly rose to fame.

Her EP opens with a bittersweet acapella song, “Arms Unfolding.” The song’s lyrics were inspired by two of her close friends attempting to fall in love again after a breakup.

Dodie sings softly over the sound of a single hum. That hum is sustained through the entire song. Her vocals sound awkward at times mirroring how it can feel to start over with an ex-lover.

The next song, “Monster,” is about the moment you know a person, who once loved you, no longer does. Instead, their passion is transformed into hatred.

“Monster” is a fast-paced song. Rhythmic clapping and choruses of vocals add an uplifting effect to the song’s sound. It stands out among the rest of the EP which mostly consists of a sorrowful sound.

The song, “Human,” from which the EP get its name, was originally uploaded to “doddleoddle” in 2016. It featured fellow YouTuber and friend of Dodie’s, Jon Cozart.

For the EP, “Human” was renovated. Now, Tom Walker accompanies her instead.

Walker harmonizes with Dodie as she sings about the desperation and obsession that comes along with a new crush.

String instruments play gently in the background. This enhances the feeling of  co-dependency Dodie is singing about.

“If I’m Being Honest” is the longest song on the album and the best, in my opinion.

Dodie sings about having high expectations for a relationship and the pressure those expectations can bring. Like “Monster,” it takes a more upbeat approach. As the song progresses, it sounds orchestral. Her vocals are strongest at this point on the EP.

For the days you feel like a “Monster,” listen to Dodie’s EP to remind you what it means to be “Human.”