New York brings back abortion talks(Against)

Recently, New York passed a bill called the Reproductive Health Act (RHA). The bill is expanding abortion.

This act allows pregnant women to get an abortion up to the birth of a child for the mother’s health or if the fetus isn’t viable, according to Pulpit and Pen. Also, it is no longer required to have an abortion by a doctor, but instead someone can get a nurse practitioner, a midwife or anyone with a title eight of the education law, which can be a dentist, massage therapist and a landscape architecture.

There’s many problems with this bill. First, the name is very misleading. The definition of reproduction is the action or process of making a copy of something or the production of offspring by a sexual or asexual process. The definition of health is the state of being free from illness or injury.

But is this act really about not being sick and producing an offspring? No, not really. The RHA prevents offspring from leaving his or her mother’s womb and entering       the world.

Well, does this act actually help a woman’s health? The RHA does state that if a woman is having a health problem, then they can abort the baby. However, this isn’t why the RHA was created. The RHA was created so women can abort their babies with excuses of not being healthy.

According to abort73, 25 percent of women said they wanted to get an abortion because they were not ready for a child and 19 percent of women said they were done having children.

The RHA isn’t really about keeping women healthy and helping produce more babies, but a way out from an unexpected pregnancy.

Abort73 also stated that only 4 percent of women get abortions because of physical health problems and 3 percent of abortions are because of fetal health problems.

When this is put into perspective, many women use the excuse of having psychological health problems  than physical health problems.

Lastly, and to me, the most important reason, this act will kill innocent babies. Many will say that a baby isn’t a baby until it has a heartbeat. A baby’s heart beats around six weeks

However, an abortion can occur up to 24 weeks, according to the RHA.

So, to the RHA, it doesn’t matter if the baby has a heartbeat, fingers or toes. A baby reacts to touch by eight weeks and can feel pain between 16 and 20 weeks. The RHA doesn’t care if the baby can feel pain and doesn’t consider the baby a “person” until it is born.

This act is selfish; it cares for the health of the women, but not the baby who can feel pain just like the mother. Women, we need to fight for these babies and stop harming them. We care so much for our rights, but what about those unborn women and men who we keep aborting.

We fight for our rights, but we should fight for the rights of women and men who will come after us. They deserve a voice. They deserve to be heard. We cannot keep living selfishly and abort the next generation of powerful women and men.

This past weekend, I attended a Life March for all of the babies whose voices would never be heard. It was amazing to watch men and women march with unique signs and hear their different stories about abortions they had and regretted.

I think if we want to save babies we have to be involved. We have to serve the women who are lost and feel like abortion is their only option.

We can love them, foster children, adopt children, donate supplies, give money        and babysit.

We should support these women in whatever way we can to give these babies a voice that deserves to be heard.