Valentine’s day is overrated, stupid


Valentine’s day is the day of the year where lovers and partners recognize their other half with cheesy cards, gifts and the typical dinner date. Meanwhile, single people sit at home depressed that they are single and how unloved they feel. Valentine’s day is very overrated and unnecessary.

First, love is about a true bond between two people who accept each other for who they are, not about some man in a diaper with an arrow choosing who you should love.

Valentine’s day is the one day of the year where you are expected to show your love for your partner in extravagant ways. Everyday of the year should be an opportunity for couples to express their love for each other.

The day is also only about materialistic ways to portray your care for one another.  The day is designated for people to stress out about what to get their significant others. No one should have to buy overpriced jewelry or a big box of chocolate just to show how much they love their partner.

The day of love is also a huge marketing scheme for the entire country with people spending an average of $150 just on flowers, chocolate and overpriced dinner for their spouse. Most people are likely to still be broke from Christmas, yet they are expected to spend at least another $100 only a month later.

For example, according to the National Retail Federation, people will spend an average of $161.96 this Valentine’s Day. That’s up 13 percent from last year’s $143.56.

Those who celebrate Valentine’s day definitely overspend on their loved one.

Finally, Valentine’s day is very sexist towards the males in a relationship. Men are expected to buy all the gifts and plan out everything while women just look forward to what they will receive from their partner. Men also spend a lot more than women do on Valentine’s day.

The National Retail Federation website said men are the biggest spenders at $229.54, up 20 percent from last year. That’s more than double the $97.77 women said they would spend.

The day eventually becomes a huge headache for men in relationships. Similarly, many people also propose to their loved ones or get married on Feb. 14 which is very cliché and overrated as well.

Don’t get me wrong I am not a love hater, I just believe Valentine’s day should just be another simple holiday that is recognized but not overly celebrated.