Saulsberry appointed to special La. council


Cameron Ott, [email protected]

Pamela Saulsberry recently attended the first of many meetings as a committee member for Louisiana’s Empowering Families to Live Well Council.

According to Saulsberry, the committee “has been charged with the duty to create a state strategic plan that will benefit and empower strug-gling families throughout Louisiana in getting out of poverty.”

Eric Pani, vice president of Academic Affairs, was instrumental in the nomination of Sauls-berry to this organization due to his position in the university. Before the council began in late Jan., the University of Louisiana System contacted several member universities to put forth nominees for the council. ULM officially nominated Saulsberry not long after.

Pani nominated Saulsberry because of recommendations from the university’s deans and “her academic background in social work, her experience with projects serving families in need and her long history in Louisiana.”

After Saulsberry’s nomination was finalized by the university, she attended the first meeting on Jan. 25.

The committee meeting was held in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at the Governor’s Press Room in the Louisiana State Capitol. Saulsberry said that the committee is made up of different professions like government workers, politicians and welfare workers. In fact, she was one of the only professors in attendance.

The key idea for this decision was to have a wide variety of ideas from all walks of life. Due to this diversity and a passion for those suffering in Louisiana’s system, Saulsberry feels like the first meeting was a major success.

A new plan to deal with the problem of poverty in Louisiana is already in the works as of the first meeting. Saulsberry is very excited for what is next for the council.

Several of Saulsberry’s students were delighted to hear that their professor was nominated to such an important committee. Terri Honoré, a senior social work major, believes Saulsberry is the perfect choice for the committee as well.

Honoré said Saulsberry’s “reputation and genuine heart for service within the community of Monroe and Louisiana in general is unsurpassed. She’s a woman true to her profession of social work and a defender of social work ethics.” 

Saulsberry has also been recognized for her work as the organizer for the MLK Day of Service by Monroe. She was presented the Unity Award at the City of Monroe 40th Annual Birthday Salute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The theme of the event was “Service to Our Community.”

The Unity Award and five other awards recognized local achievers and leaders who “honored Dr. King by their contributions to education, community service, public service, justice and other humanitarian efforts.”