NAACP karaoke night: Fun night of singing and laughter


NAACP hosted a karaoke night for all ULM students last Tuesday. The night was enjoyable for all members of the organization as well as anyone else from campus. The karaoke night was centered around love songs. It got people in the Valentine’s Day spirit.

Members of the organization thought this was a great opportunity to bring people together and for new friendships to blossom. The president of NAACP and senior toxicology major, Myles Wilson, said that the karaoke night was an effort to “unify the community.” He also said the organization is constantly holding serious events, but that they “wanted to do something that would be more enjoyable for everyone. So, we can relax and take a break from studies.”

NAACP’s social action committee head, Shacorria Green said she was excited for students to come have fun at karaoke night. The organization is trying to get ULM’s student body to socialize with each other more.

“As a freshman, it was hard for me to find things to do on campus, so I joined this awesome organization to get people together,” Green said.

February 11 to 15 was NAACP week and NAACP hosted special events for its members.

Snacks and beverages were also available for all students who came out and participated. The room was full of laughter as everyone sang and danced along to a collection of R&B love songs. Students got a well-deserved break from school work with a fun night of karaoke.