Students involved, not in right way

Students involved, not in right way

Most students I meet are in at least one to two registered student organizations on campus and are actively helping with the events their organizations put on.

Even students who aren’t a part of an RSO still are involved on campus. They go to the events with food, games, movies, dancing which are put on by RSOs. Students seem to be actively involved on campus. But are they involved in the right way?

In the past year, ULM has tried to improve the campus. Some students didn’t agree. Many students have been upset about ULM attempting to add the Student Spirit Athletic fee, but more recently, the addition of an amphitheater on campus.

While I understand why many students are upset by the fee and the amphitheater, I don’t believe they should be mad about it unless they are attempting to make the change.

They aren’t involved in bettering the campus, just listing demands to better the campus. Many people demand for changes, but never do anything to bring those changes.

I’ve seen many students repost about the amphitheater and their opinion on it, but I haven’t heard of many speaking to President Nick Bruno or the Student Government Association about the issue.

If students want change, they should reach out to make the change.

You shouldn’t just post online about the issue. Make your opinion known to those who are in a higher authority than you.

So, if you really think the amphitheater could be changed into something more profitable for those on campus and members of the community, then share it with the SGA. They are here to help voice the opinions of students, but they can’t if you don’t actively interact with them.

Second, do your research. You have to have facts to back up your beliefs. Find out what could be a cheaper option compared to an amphitheater. Find out if there is another option for ULM to be profitable. If you don’t have the facts to back up your beliefs and you don’t do research, then you need to reevaluate how important this topic is to you.

Lastly, be passionate about the issue. If you aren’t passionate about the problem, then no change will be made.