Students united at Nepali Night


The Nepalese Student Association hosted their annual night of authentic Nepalese performances and food, Nepali Night, last Saturday.

Nepali Night is not only a celebration of Nepalese culture, but also unity between Nepalese students and the rest of ULM.

To represent this unity, the night began with President Dr. Nick Bruno ceremoniously lighting a lamp. Afterwards, the NSA had the crowd rise for the American National Anthem followed by the Nepalese National Anthem.

Nepalese students sang, danced and walked the fashion runway for Nepali Night. Throughout their performances, unity continued to be a reoccurring theme. 

Sandarva Bhatta, a graduating Nepalese senior, performed “Maria” from “West Side Story.” He dedicated the song to the ULM student body for the years he spent as part of it.

During another performance, “Sonu and Group” performed a Nepalese song. A slideshow displayed the lyrics of the song translated into English which ensured that non-Nepalese students felt included.

As a Nepalese student, Nepali Night is important to Dipiksha Shrestha. Every year, the event gives her one night to take a break from studying and enjoy a piece of home away from home.

“We get to meet people like us,” Shrestha said. “The event puts us together like a big family and shows us that no matter how far away we are from our families, we can still come together and have fun here.”

For Nikita Poudel, freshman computer science major, Nepali Night is a reminder of her country and culture. The event encourages her to keep Nepalese culture “alive” inside her.

This year, the NSA decided to create an award to honor the unity between ULM and Nepalese students. The award is called the “Nepali Tara Award” which translates to “Nepalese Star Award” in English.

“The ‘Nepali Tara Awards’ were given to three ULM faculty members who have been working with us individuals and the entire organization to make it better,” said Milan Jung Katuwal, vice president of Cultural Affairs of the NSA.

To close Nepali Night, the NSA invited the crowd to join them on stage and dance. One thing is for sure: no one could have left Nepali Night feeling aliented.

Katuwal said, “Unity and diversity have been our strengths forever.”