Night of food, friends, feathered boas


On Feb. 28, distant laughter and music could be heard over the sound of rain against the pavement outside Bayou Pointe Event Center. ULM students held up their dresses and covered their heads as they made their way toward the noise.

Despite the bad weather, the building was full of people enjoying themselves at the Student Government Association’s annual Mardi      Gras ball.

At the beginning of the ball, Madison Bonnette was crowned Mardi Gras queen. Along with her, Luke Prejean was crowned Mardi  Gras king.

The rest of the Mardi Gras court includes: Bryce Lovelady, Olivia Bailey, Regginald S. Good, Caroline Edge, Chuck Riddick, Abby Thomas, Cory Atkinson and Caroline Courville.

Bonnette’s smile shined brighter than any of the lights in Bayou Pointe Event Center, but she is more than just the Mardi Gras queen. She is also the committee head in charge of organizing the ball and many other events hosted by SGA for ULM students. 

“It was really cool to put all of my ideas and everyone else’s together to make our ball come alive,” Bonnette said.

Bonnette’s friends cheered her on as she paraded through the crowds of people with the Mardi Gras court and the Krewe of Janus.

After attending Mardi Gras ball for three years, this was the highlight of them all for Bonnette.

“The memories I’ve made at all of the Mardi Gras balls I’ve attended will truly stay with me for the rest of my life,” Bonnette said.

To kick off a fun night of dancing, food and friends, students and their guests could have their photos taken at a Southern Exposure Selfie Booth. People grabbed different variations of feathered boas, paper glasses, masks and hats and posed for hilarious photos with their friends.

The selfie booth was many students’ favorite part of the ball including sophomore psychology major, Kenzie Farquhar.

Farquhar and her friends “got to be silly and take fun pictures to look back on to remember the night.”