Beer & Bards showcases student talents

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Beer & Bards showcases student talents

Madison Smith, [email protected]

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Sharing your poetry and writing can be nerve-wracking, but Bria Winfree, a sophomore history major, said that at an event like Beers & Bards isn’t as scary as it is made out to be— even with a full house.
Thursday, faculty and students gathered under the covered patio at Enoch’s Irish Pub and Café to listen to local creatives and students share their writing and increase their public speaking skills in a laidback, informal environment. The event was put together by faculty members Jack Heflin and Hannah Meredith on behalf of the creative writing program at ULM.
Many creatives were glad there was a big crowd to listen to their works including Winfree.
“It’s just really great to have an audience. It also inspires and encourages me to see other writers throwing their work down for me,” Winfree said.
On special occasions, a guest poet or author that is visiting ULM will do a reading from their recent published work.
This week, Alex Temblador, a ULM alumna, did a short reading from her book, “Secrets of the Casa Rosada.”
“I am very impressed with the students and faculty of the creative writing program. They are doing such amazing and well written work and more people should know what awesome writers they all are,” Temblador said.
Celebration was one of the key ideas behind the conception of Beer & Bards. It was initially created for students to take their work out of the classroom and into the world outside.
An event like this, meaningful and beneficial for anyone looking to improve their skills, is an amazing opportunity for creatives at ULM.
Even Ben Rhodes, a senior English major who participated in the event, agreed.
“Enoch’s itself is a jewel in Monroe and adding this in gives it a sense of comradery. You get a burger and some good poetry and can relax in a place that is so unique and intimate,” Rhodes said.