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Spring Concert: Complaints welcome, too late for change

It’s that time of the year again. The Campus Activities Board just announced the act for this year’s Spring Fever concert. Once again there is an outcry among the students about who was chosen.
This year’s acts are comedians DeRay Davis and Jay Pharaoh. With the announcement of the concert, students were quick to take to social media and voice their frustrations.
A lot of them are arguing that they never had a say in who was selected, and it is their right to be able to pick the performer. The problem with that is students did have a vote but, like many times, when presented with the opportunity, they didn’t voice their opinions.
For the last two years CAB has abandoned the genre rotation system of the past and instead polled students on what they wanted. Last year’s performer was chosen in this manner through social media polls. This year’s genre was voted on during the CAB officer elections last semester.
Students shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to vote.
According to the CAB president, the budget for the performer changes each year and they try to get somebody in their price range that students would like. If you don’t vote, your pick might not be taken in account.
Students who want to see a change in concerts should actively vote when they are allowed to. In the end, the majority’s decision will be accepted. We can talk all day, but we have to act too.