Students try their luck at Casino Night

“21! 21! 21!” echoed through Bayou Pointe as joyful faces collected their winnings at the blackjack tables and went “All In,” at the poker tables.
The Campus Activities Board brought games and fun during their annual Casino Night last Tuesday.
This year’s theme for the highly anticipated game night was “glow.” Attendees were decked out in neon and given glowsticks while they played and ate under the blacklight lit roof of the Bayou Pointe Student Event Center.
Games of slot machines, blackjack, poker, roulette and many other popular casino games were available to play for free. Students were given fake money at the beginning of their night to gamble away with no prior knowledge needed.
“I think blackjack was a major hit tonight. We had five tables and all of them were full,” said Raegan Abadie, CAB’s committee head for Casino Night.
As students collected money, they were allowed to trade in their winnings for raffle tickets.
Over 400 students made their presence felt throughout the night and in the tables.
Out of the 400 students present, Madelynn Skipper, a sophomore communication major, might have had the biggest night of them all.
Although she started later than most, in just over an hour Skipper gambled away the $2,500 she was given and turned it into over $90,000.
“I was dealing for about an hour then I went and got some tokens, walked around a little bit and played,” Skipper said.
The game of roulette earned Skipper her fortune. According to her it all started when she began collecting $5,000 chips. With her money on the table Skipper couldn’t lose.
At the end of the night CAB officers pulled tickets and announced the winners for the raffles. While some students were lucky to insert five tickets into the prize boxes, others like Skipper had nearly 200 at their disposal.
Unfortunately, Skipper’s luck ran out last minute and she went home empty handed but content at the night’s fun.
“I had a great time and will definitely try again next year” Skipper said.
Prizes included a Nintendo Switch, 32-inch TV, a turntable and Beats headphones.