Jordan Peele reinvents horror with ‘Us’


In 2017, Jordan Peele debuted as a director with the socially conscious horror movie, “Get Out.” Peele won multiple awards for his debut including the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2018.
Some fans were worried his latest release, “Us,” would not be able to live up to the genius of “Get Out.”
Well, I am here to tell all Peele and “Get Out” fans to worry no more. “Us” is scarier, stranger and more socially conscious than you could ever expect.
“Us” will have you scared out of your mind one second and dying of laughter the next. Grab a soda, bag of popcorn and someone’s hand when watching it in theaters. Peele really outdid himself with this one.
The main character, Adelaide Wilson, played by Lupita Nyong’o, returns to the house she grew up in. She is accompanied by her husband, played by Winston Duke, and her two children.
During their stay, Wilson is continuously reminded of a traumatic experience she had as a child. Each reminder leaves her feeling that something horrible is about to happen.
Her fear proves to be true as four strangers force themselves into the family’s home. The strangers look identical to Wilson and her family.
“It’s us,” her son said.
Each stranger is a warped, terrifying version of each member of Wilson’s family.
Over the years, the horror genre lost its luster. Directors began using jump scares instead of wit to scare their audiences.
What is truly terrifying is a movie that utilizes every part of itself right down to the score to unsettle its viewers. That is why to an ex-horror fan like myself, “Us” is a breath of fresh air.
If Peele continues with more innovative movies like “Us” and “Get Out,” I believe he can bring horror back from the dead. I hope he continues to make the horror genre his own.
When watching, pay close attention to everything you hear, see and read during the movie. It will be important later.
“Us” is filled with Easter eggs hidden beneath every layer of the movie.
The ending will leave you speechless and ready to watch “Us” once more to fully comprehend what just happened.