4 study tips to improve your grade


ULM Hawkeye

Keep neat, fun notes
If you are trying to study, it is hard to sit down and read over messy notes that you can barely understand. If you make sure to keep your notes clean and easy to look at, you will be able to actually understand what you are reading.
You can even color code your notes with your favorite highlighters or pens to keep them pretty and fun. In my experience, you are more likely to be motivated to go back and look at your notes if you can enjoy what you are seeing.

Form study groups
Forming a study group is a great way to practice material. Ask your friends or classmates if they would like to meet in the library once a week to study. It’s possible that someone in your group may understand a topic that you have been stuck on and can explain it in a way that makes sense.
This also gives your group a chance to discuss the topics out loud which will allow the material to sink in. You might even find yourself looking forward to your next study session.

Study a little everyday
If you review your notes every day it will keep them fresh on your mind. Your understanding of the material will grow a little more each time you look over it.
Notecards are an easy way to review because you can take them anywhere you go. Whether you’re at a doctor’s appointment sitting in the waiting room or on a break at work, with your notecards you’ll have no excuse to not pull them out for a quick review.
You will be surprised at the difference it will make when that next exam rolls around.

Take breaks
Never forget it’s important to take breaks while you are studying. If you don’t give yourself a moment to recover, you can get overwhelmed or tired.
If possible, you could use your study break as a time to get a little exercise in. Take a walk for some fresh air to reset your brain. Then, when you go back to studying you can focus better.
Another way to have a nice break is to nap. If you take a 30-minute power nap, you might be ready to tackle the material again.