Local bars compete for student attendance


Typically, there are two types of people in college: binge watchers and binge drinkers. For all those who are the latter, pray for your liver because ULM’s favorite college bars are back.
After a fire in 2016, Hammers Nightclub finally revamped and reopened on Nov. 16, this past semester.
Another hometown favorite from the ‘90s, Cooter Bay, also had a reopening last New Year’s Eve.
Ever since then, both bars have been competing to claim the title of “Best Bar around ULM’s campus.”
Local bar, Neat, has already shutdown because of the dead atmosphere, and Mustangs has made their bar 21 and over to appeal to an older crowd.
The competition is so cutthroat that Hammers has had free cover for ladies on Fridays, and free cover until 11 p.m. on Saturdays for all students with a college I.D.
Hammers also has drink specials most Saturday nights. Their drink prices can get as low as 25 cents, as it was on Saint Patrick’s Day.
Despite these great deals, it is always Cooter Bay that has the better turn out at the end of the night.
“Despite Hammers having great deals, Cooter Bay makes you feel like you’re safe at home, just having fun. This is why people say ‘Cooter cares’ because we know how to diffuse situations and create a welcoming environment,” said Mason Musgrove, freshman kinesiology major and Cooter Bay bouncer.
“Cooter cares” is the appeal of the whole bar. The music they play is known to touch base with a lot of younger crowds, as the bar plays hits from the early 2000s and other new, trending songs.
You will often find cliques and other groups of friends congregating around Cooter Bay. However, this usually is a let down to a lot of college students that want to just let loose and party.
“It is a lot more intimidating to walk up to someone you don’t know when they are surrounded by their group of friends and all the lights are on,” said Landon Bailey, freshman computer science major.
Hammers shot girl Kaylee Jones agreed and said, “The music is more party-like at Hammers compared to Cooter Bay. You notice more people getting down on the dance floor, and there are definitely less people surrounding the bar.”
Only time will tell which scene will outlive the other because it is all a matter of opinion on which bar is the trademark for ULM college students.