HAWKEYE P.O.V. : Senators need to stand for students, not themselves

ULM Hawkeye

The current ULM election season has just about wrapped up and we have a lot of new and old faces joining the 2019-2020 Student Government Association.
The ballots are in and other than runoffs we know who will be on senate. The only thing they should keep in mind now is the duty at hand. The SGA senators are elected by the students, for the students. Nobody should influence their actions more than the students.
It’s a concept that seems pretty simple but it doesn’t take much to realize it’s not perfect. Take our national government for example.
This past election season, some students worked to remind people to keed in mind who they were voting for and what they stood for instead of just blindly voting.
Popularity is always a key into getting into office, but it shouldn’t be the sole reason to get elected into the SGA.
It’s hard to really understand what each senator stands for because nobody ever campaigns with their beliefs upfront. Now that students have elected their new senators, they should hold them accountable for their actions.
Whether they make good decisions or bad, we should be able to have open discussions with our elected leaders, and transparency must be key. When the students aren’t happy, don’t hide. Be upfront, confront them and address their concerns.
Students should remember who served them well each election season. Without your support, there is no office.