HAWKEYE P.O.V. : Pedestrians first, not pedestrians only

ULM Hawkeye

As students, we go through a lot of stress and sometimes in coping with the stress, we make crude or often dark-natured jokes about things we shouldn’t be joking about. One of the biggest things we joke about is letting ourselves get hit by a car while crossing the streets on campus. Unfortunately, the constant joking about not caring what happens to us in the crosswalk has led to us actually not caring about what happens when we walk across campus.
You can’t walk onto oncoming traffic and look at them as they’re speeding toward you, wondering if they’ll ever stop. It’s not the safest decision. Instead of doing that, survey your surroundings before crossing. It doesn’t take much time to look both ways before crossing.
There comes a certain arrogance with knowing you have the right of way when crossing the street. You think, “They have to stop for me.” They should stop for you, but nothing will guarantee they will. Don’t push your luck. Getting “paid” for being hit isn’t worth it. You won’t be able to enjoy those new-found riches while in the hospital or six feet under.
And if it’s actually you struggling with suicidal thoughts, visit the counseling center on campus. There’s always another option.
In the end, let’s stop with the joking before somebody gets hurt. Keep your head up when crossing, people. We’re only here for short time before we move on with our lives.