Politicians should be scrutinized at times


Joe Biden, a favorite among democrats to win the office, has been having a rough time as of late. He can’t shake the allegations that he’s been inappropriate to women around him. While Uncle Joe and other politicians can blame the media for spreading these allegations, they can’t do their jobs and expect that they won’t be scrutinized for their actions, past or present.
The problem that Biden is facing comes after Lucy Flores, a Nevada politician, said she felt “uneasy” after the former vice president kissed her on the back of the head in 2014, according to a report by CNN. Biden did little to assure his supporters that he hadn’t been inappropriate by trying to joke the allegations off.
Biden isn’t the only politician facing similar allegations or dealing with backlash over something he has said or done.
President Donald Trump faces this type of treatment all the time. Have we forgotten the “Grab her by the pussy,” comment? We shouldn’t forget the comment or avoid the discussion surrounding it.
The president has named the media “public enemy number one” for helping shed light on some of these incidents that have caused him trouble. Other politicians are quick to condemn the media to hell as soon as something negative comes out about them.
Honestly, if it was up to them their press release teams would approve every story involving them before it ran. That’s not fair for the people though.
We, as Americans, deserve transparency when it comes to our politicians and leaders. How can women vote for a man that has a history of sexual harassment? We need to know everything about who is trying to run this country. We can’t base our judgment off what they say during their campaign events. That’s just stupid.
Actions speak louder than words people. Men like Biden and Trump may say they didn’t have bad intentions with the women that accuse them of inappropriate behavior but that doesn’t change the fact that the women felt violated.
Attacking the accusers or media for spreading these allegations is wrong. If my future president is out their committing serious crimes, of course he doesn’t want the world to find out but too bad we have that right.
And of course, there are the critics, usually late-night talk show hosts, that use politicians and their everyday lives as comedic ammo. I don’t care if some of their jokes hurt. It’s sort of called free speech, a very big thing in this country that we value.
At the end of the day, all the criticism and negative attention come with the territory. As a politician, you’ll always have a spotlight on you. Being a public figure means you’ll always be in the public spotlight. Since they are humans themselves, politicians do have a hard time with all the negative attention they get. Here’s my advice to any politician that doesn’t like being talked about or held under a magnifying glass. Quit your job and go back to being a regular, private citizen like the rest of us.
As the presidential race speeds up, more and more politicians will complain about the attention they receive. Don’t ask for the scrutinizing to stop. Keep asking questions, people.
A lot of them will be your future leaders and the vetting process for them to win our votes should be just as thorough as the one we’re wanting to require for immigrants.