‘Hunting Ground’ documentary exposes campus sexual assault


“No one asked for this. You do not ask for any of this. No woman asks for this. No man asks for this,” said Dovie Milstead, a senior history major.
Milstead wasn’t talking about the Femhawks recent documentary screening of “The Hunting Ground,” but the film’s subject matter.
“The Hunting Ground” is a film that exposes rape crimes on U.S. campuses, institutional cover-ups and the way the crimes affect students and their families.
Milstead said the purpose of showing the film was “to bring awareness to students to not always be paranoid but on guard when you’re going out with friends.”
Fellow Femhawk member, Taylor Beauchamp, said this is a discussion that we all need to be having. “This movie is just the start-a catalyst” said Beauchamp, a pre-pharmacy junior.
There were also male audience members at the documentary screening.
“To be honest, I came to watch the movie to get more information about the topic. I don’t think I am informed enough, and I think this was a good opportunity to get the information I’m looking for,” said Jonathon Holland, a pre-occupational therapy major.
The vice president of Femhawks, Princess Ayika, said the film is very important.
“It helps us explain how this can happen to anyone because about around 20 percent of women who are enrolled in colleges are sexually assaulted while in college,” said Ayika, a biology junior.
At the conclusion of the event, Milstead said people should speak about sexual crimes that have happened to them because it can mentally affect someone.
“If this does happen to you, don’t be silent about it. Speak out about it, even if it’s just to a friend or your parents,” Milstead said.
“The Hunting Ground” was a great opportunity to open student’s eyes about sexual assault which students are exposed to on college campuses across the country.
Femhawks hosted the showing to go along with their 2019 Walk a Mile in Her Shoes awareness walk.