Don’t rush to leave Monroe


Move in Mania is one of the most eventful weekends of the school year. All sorts of campus organizations gather together to reach out to the students. However, you rarely see any of those organizations staying behind to help those moving out.

When winter break came into session, many students like myself had to stay around campus for an extra couple of hours because their bathroom had mold or their room was not entirely clean.

Sometimes, it is easy for others to turn their back on the school with the sweet release from finals on May 10.

It is easy to blow this all off and say, “Oh well I had to fend for myself, so why should I help everyone else?”

Maybe the mentality we all should share is, “I understand how hard it was for me to do it alone, so I want to help.”

I know that when I was moving in, I made most of my friends in that first day of school just because of the interaction I had with those helping me move in.

What started off as moving in with strangers turned into a lunch date, then into a late night movie and then boom, a friendship.

These last minute, first impressions may leave a student thinking about how amazing that group of students were that helped them move off of campus.

Another perk of staying behind an extra couple of hours or days is that the campus will be crowded with students trying to move out at the same time. Waiting out the storm will help you stay clear of annoying school traffic.

Remember the first day of school when parents were all lined up around campus to drop off their new freshmen babies?

Now, a year without their children, parents will be at ULM, at the crack of dawn, asking their kids about their new friends or about the best place to eat near campus, all the while you are trying to weave your way through traffic.

It’s a nightmare, and it could easily be avoided by just sticking around your dorm for an extra hour.

The last perk for not rushing out of Monroe is to do all the last minute things that you didn’t have time to do during the school year.

ULM has a beautiful campus, and spending a day kayaking on the bayou or just having a picnic in the park can be the best way to kick off summer.

Grab a day to yourself and your friends before you have to go home for the summer.

Then, maybe it is time for you to hit the high road.

But before you leave, ask yourself, “What’s the rush?”