Activity Center welcomes new presentation, game room


The entirety of ULM’s campus has been upgrading this semester. From the beginning stages of the new medical school to the library’s second floor upgrades, the university has been adding. The Activity Center is no different with the opening of a new game room, The Nest.

The Nest is located directly to the left after walking into the AC. It’s previous purpose was as a meeting space as well as a place to hold events.

The upgrade of the space becomes a gaming environment for the gamers on ULM’s campus. ULM students will have access to the space but will have to bring their own gaming systems to play. The TVs also allow access for people to study and pull up power points.

“You can actually build power points on the screen here and you can see how they look for your presentation,” said Brandon Bruscato, the director of Recreational Services.

The space will continue to be used as an event space as well.

“Sororities can still do their events in here. We’re not doing away with the current usage of the space, just adding to it,” Bruscato said.

The space will also be a useable space for intramural gaming to add to the AC’s wide array of intramurals.

“Students love showcasing their talent. We’ve had multiple tournaments from Mario Kart to ping pong and a soccer tournament out in Bayou Park. It was a moderate showing, but I think with this being such an attractive place, we can use it,” said Joel Sinclair, the coordinator of Student Activities.

However, the space is not limited to just the previous usages and the gaming usage; the space can be used in whatever format.

“We have to collaboratively work on this, because we have a whole separate group of people who will come,” said Emily Essex, the director of Student Life and Leadership.

The space took over a year to complete and required custom-made furniture for the space as well as three separate TVs.

The Nest will open on April 29 and will have the same hours as the rest of the AC.