Risk management insurance receives $50K grant

Risk management insurance receives $50K grant

Money, money, money-that’s what all the talk is about at ULM’s risk management and insurance program. The program received a $50,000 donation from the Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of Louisiana on April 15. With such a large amount of money, Christine Berry said she was grateful that the program was able to receive this donation.

According to the ULM News Center, the program director and professor of RMI Berry said, “We are extremely honored by this commitment to continue to support and grow the ULM RMI program.”

Students like risk management and insurance major Milan Katuwal said he hopes the money can be used to help further the education of the students.

“I hope the fund will fully be used for the betterment of the program such as strengthening the faculty, publicity and student scholarships,” Katuwal said.

The donation was made by Johnny Beekman III, the president of the IIABL Board of Directors, because he said that this will help further the education of students. According to the ULM News Center, Beekman said, “Education is a personal goal of mine. Education is the key to the future.”

Not only will this money help further the education of students, but it is also helping faculty as well, according to Hunter Henson, a junior risk management and insurance major.

“The money goes toward our student and industry coordinator’s salary who is the incredible Deja Peppers,” Henson said. 

No matter if the money is spent on salaries or students, both Katuwal and Henson were grateful for the donation the RMI program received.

“I’m very grateful for this donation, because Deja does such an amazing job for the program,” Henson said.

ULM’s RMI was ranked 11th largest in 2017 and is now the ninth largest for 2018 in the nation by the Business Insurance, according to the ULM News Center. 

With the ULM risk management and insurance program rapidly growing, this donation can help provide better opportunities for students in it.

And with better opportunities presented to the students through donations, Katuwal said that those involved in the RMI program need to stay accountable for these donations to continue.

“I am hopeful that ULM RMI program will continue to produce diligent, disciplined and proactive manpower for the risk management and insurance industry worth more and justify all the faith that our donors have upon us,” Katuwal said.