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You made it. Finals are over and you are getting to relax for the first time since January. The fear and stress of those last papers and tests are gone for three months. Whatever you choose to occupy yourself this summer, you should also go out of your way to try to learn new things this summer.
The thing most people dislike about school is the fact that you are not always learning what you want to be learning. Summer is the perfect time to learn the things that you want to. You have plenty of time, plenty of resources and hopefully motivation.
If it isn’t learning information for a class, you could learn a new skill to add to your resume over the summer. There are plenty of free and online resources to learn about things like Microsoft Programs, Adobe Photoshop or Digital Media skills. It is the small things on a resume that can make someone stand out to an employer.
If you would like the challenge of learning something new in a class style setting, take the time to learn a new language this summer. This will be a harder thing to learn if you have not attempted to before. Auburn University conducted a study with their students who planned on learning a new language. After the study, they compiled their findings into 25 reasons why college students should learn a second language. The reasons ranged from how learning a foreign language creates less prejudice towards different cultures, to how learning a second language can improve your math and English scores due to the fact that you will be better at problem solving.
Let’s say that you do both of the first things. You’ve learned a new skill. You’ve learned a new language. All you have left is to get out and explore. According to the Institute of Museum and Library Services, there are 35,144 museums in the U.S. The options for things to learn about are endless. When you go on vacation or a trip, look up what museums are in the area and make time to see them all. According to Trip Advisor, there are 226 museums, art galleries and historic sites throughout the state of Louisiana. Why not make it a goal to go to as many as you can during summer break? You’ll see amazing artifacts and beautiful works of art that will change your life for the better.
Yes, your brain may still be a little fried from the last few weeks of school, but if you can bounce back and try to learn new things over summer, you won’t regret it.