Things to do off-campus


It’s finally the weekend! You are ready to take a break from studying and have some fun. But you are new to Monroe and aren’t sure what there is to do.

There is always Typsy, a new local night club, or Enoch’s, an Irish pub and café. But what about just fun things to do during the day? Here are a few cheap ideas for you and your friends to do in Monroe.

If you are a movie lover then the movie theatre, Tinseltown, in West Monroe is the place for you on Tuesday nights. All movie tickets are five dollars. Tinseltown is a huge theatre so they normally provide movies of all genres and for all ages.

Monroe also has the Pecanland Mall with various stores you and your friends can venture through. Pecanland Mall also has a large food court with cheap places such as Canes, Auntie Anne’s and Great American Cookie Company.
If you are looking for something to do outdoors, one of my favorite places to go is Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center.

Black Bayou has various trails that lead to different, beautiful views. Some trails have bridges that lead you to the lake and others are just trails throughout a field with flowers and trees. The trails also lead to views of the mysterious Black Bayou with the sort of swamp vibe. This is perfect for people who like to fish. Grab a fishing pole and head to Black Bayou for a day on the water away from campus.

If you like to take pictures, this is one of the best places to take pictures at. This is the perfect place to let your adventurous side out. Black Bayou is located on 480 Richland Place.
For those who like to be creative, look no further than the Masur Museum of Art. The Masur Museum presents unique visual arts for anyone to enjoy. Also, this museum offers educational programs like artist talks, academic lectures, drop-in activities and art classes for all ages.

The art classes include a range of creative outlets like digital photography, painting, collage, printmaking, stained glass, book making and more. Luckily, the Masur Museum is always free.
You can also go to to see what events are coming up. Masur Museum is located on 1400 S Grand St.
One last thing I always check when I run out of ideas is On this website, they have a list of events that are happening in the Monroe and West Monroe area. The events range from films, museums, rodeos, festivals, concerts and block parties.

One of my favorite places that I have discovered from the Monroe and West Monroe area is any type of event at the RiverMarket.
All of these events are a great way to bring the community together and students to experience the culture of people. One of my favorite events that has been hosted at the RiverMarket was the Louisiana Food and Music Festival. There were tons of different vendors with authentic Louisiana food.

Also, there were many local bands and artists that played different genres of music that related to Louisiana. I love to listen to music so getting to hear local artists is super fun for me.
On the website listed with the events, it gives you the dates, time, cost, location and website information.
Monroe and West Monroe has more options than many think for places to go and things to see for all students around campus. After your study session, class or homework, take a trip off campus and see what this place has to offer.