Best in town, Popeyes sandwich leaves many wanting more


There is a debate raging all over our country. It’s not politics but it sure feels like sides have been taken in this debate. Popeyes has debuted their chicken sandwich and if the social media hype is anything to go by the sandwich was a total success. It is a must try. After finally obtaining one Chick-fil-a became a thing of the past for me.

The holy experience that comes with eating a Popeyes’ chicken sandwich is an actual journey nowadays. In search of the most popular fast food item in the country, I set out to Popeyes next to ULM’s campus.

All who made the pilgrimage to the orange establishment were greeted by a sign signaling the unavailability of the sacred sandwich.

No chicken sandwich at the Popeyes next to campus led me to another Popeyes and then another. No Popeyes had the chicken sandwich in stock. Word at the last restaurant was that by 1:00 p.m. the place had sold over 475 sandwiches and was clean out. As I have not tried it, the urge to do so grew even more.

A day later finally I achieve salvation for my taste buds. The sandwich is back and I get my first crack at it. This is where the only debate should be held. What type of sandwich do you get? A regular or spicy? I went with spicy. You can go with regular but Popeyes  is known for their spicy chicken so when in doubt, spicy it out.

The sandwich is a nice size for the $3.99 that you pay for it. A brioche bun isn’t what I expected from Popeyes given their dry buttery biscuits. But in the end, it’s surprisingly soft and tasty. I can’t decipher what the type of sauce it has, mostly because I finished the sandwich so quick. But it was like a creamy Cajun sauce. The chicken you get is the best part of it- as it should be. If you’ve ever seen the ad for the sandwich, it comes with a nice size chicken patty. The actual piece you get is huge. It’s the big daddy to all other restaurant’s chicken sandwich. It tastes just as good. My eyes opened wide after that first bite. Popeyes basically trademarked the term “chicken sandwich” every other feeble attempt at recreating the sandwich by Popeyes’ competitors should be referred to as something else completely. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

By the writing of this article I’ve eaten that thing four times. And guess what? Every time it’s another wonderful ride. If you’re still debating whether or not to try the sandwich just don’t. I need there to be more for me next time I go.