Body shaming creates problems for your health


Body shaming is something our culture has allowed to cultivate. While  celebrities like Demi Lovato and Amy Schumer have commented on body acceptance, there still seems to be women and men who hate their bodies.

I don’t think it’s a people body shaming other people problem. We’ve  learned to shame ourselves for our bodies. And body shaming can cause issues to your mental health.  According to Times Now News,  when you body shame yourself, you are causing stress to your body. Body shaming can lead to anxiety, depression and social isolation.

I am a perfectionsit. So for me, my insecurities shine every time I look in the mirror. I ask myself questions like “Why is my face so dry and covered in pimples?”, “Why do I look so thin?”, and “Why are my feet so big?”

These are thoughts that constantly run through my mind when I look in the mirror. I am an anxious person so when I see these flaws, I can feel panic set in.

But this isn’t just an issue for women. Guys, we know you are suffering too. According to, 65 percent of guys have reported to be body shamed.

But how does this affect those in college? Well, I think we are the toughest on ourselves compared to any other generation.

According to CBS News, in 2018 one in every five college students considered suicide. We have put stress on ourselves to improve how we look, how well we do academically and how we act in front of other people.

But it’s time to change that. While I know it’s hard to ignore the flaws you have, so talk about it with someone.

Go to the Counseling Center and talk to someone about how you feel about yourself. Maybe clearing the air will help you to not body shame who you are.

Understand that while you may feel that way about yourself someone else thinks you are beautiful and valuable.Get involved with organizations on campus that put you up instead of down.

One organization on campus that promotes you to have a better self-image is the Ambitious Women Society which is a diverse sisterhood among college women that have ambition and perseverance in enhancing their self-image.

So, embrace  your body because someone loves you the way you are.