Should ULM get rid of straws like GSU? (AGAINST)


It’s been over a year and the debate still rages. Are straws in or out at ULM? The answer is simple. For the time being, yes, straws are in.

Let’s talk about some facts and why this argument is fresh on everybody’s minds in the first place. A year ago, Schulze Dining Hall got rid of straws.

Any employee you asked would tell you, “We’re not doing that anymore,” in reference to the straws. The Hawkeye was the first to break the news to students and it didn’t sit well with them.

Online backlash to the news was abundant. By the time the paper got to the stands the ULM Dining page on Instagram had issued an apology stating straws had simply run out.

ULM students had their straws back. Fast forward to this semester and ULM still has straws but one of our I-20 neighbors has just got rid of them.

Grambling State University is a 42-minute drive away from campus. Their cafeteria has taken away straws.

While reactions were mixed it seemed the student body was more prone to accepting the decision than the ULM student body was. Now the question arises of whether or not ULM should jump on board with this decision.

Turtles have become synonymous with the fight to go green and cut down on plastic waste. Most people who argue or try to convince you to go green point to our friendly, unofficial  campus mascot for sympathy.

If you’re trying to cut down on straw usage, the first thing you shouldn’t do is mention our turtles. The only thing killing those things is the massive amount of cafeteria cookies thrown into the bayou.

At this point, the university turtles have acquired a sweet tooth. A turtle feed dispenser has been installed next to the bayou. Please use it. It’s for the turtles.

Now, back to why straws are so important.Here’s a simple answer, they’re not. According to Get Green Now, the straw is the 11th most plentiful piece of plastic in the ocean.

The reason for this push to get rid of straws is because they’re the easiest thing we can give up. Not having a straw won’t ruin your drink, it just might be a little more arm work for you to enjoy your beverage.

The fact of the matter is this- ULM students heavily disagreed with the total removal of straws then and they will now too. Instead, bring more educational programs to the campus.

Teach students about the environment and how they can help it thrive. Give them options as to whether or not they should use a straw and let them decide for themselves. Encourage recycling on campus.

Removing straws would be more effecient if students understood the prupose behind it. For all we know, Aramark just wanted to save some money.

We’re an educational institute so teach us. And please stop throwing the turtles, cookies.