Should ULM get rid of straws like GSU? (For)

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Should ULM get rid of straws like GSU? (For)

Tronada Knox, [email protected]

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Around ULM, we have a bayou that has water animals like turtles and ducks. Wouldn’t you like to see these animals alive?

I would. That’s why it’s our responsibility to protect our favorite creatures at ULM from straws.

Plastic is already the world’s worst contribute to all types of water bodies.According to Ocean Conservancy, there is eight million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year and straws comprise just 2.5 percent of that.

And not even in the ocean, but here at ULM, plastic is an issue. Think about it, not everyone is throwing their trash in the trash can so it’s on the ground that somehow lands in the grass which rolls over in the bayou with our turtles in it.

Also, using straws does not help us. Ladies, according to Everyday Health, when you swallow air from the straws, you are creating that bloated feeling you get.

Ladies, you know you hate to look bloated after eating and drinking some good food. The turtles on our campus will have a better time in our bayou and you won’t have bloated stomachs anymore.

I think we should follow in Grambling State University’s foot steps. They got rid of their straws completely.

While ULM has tried to get rid of their straws in the past, it wasn’t taken very well. Many students were upset that their straws were gone.

First off, it was unexpected. Students had no idea why their straws were gone.

But I think more  people would be receptive to the idea now than before. Luckily for the turtles, some places on campus are taking action in keeping our bayou clean like Starbucks.

For all you Starbucks lovers did you notice that some of the drinks being handed to you just come with a lid for drinking and not a straw to be stuck in the cup?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Starbucks said with their new lids they use nine percent less plastic than the current lid and straw. Your favorite coffee and hang out spot are even getting in the grove trying to save the environment around them.

But what can we do to help save our precious turtles? The school should have a day out of every week of school to not use plastic straws.

The day I think would be the best is chicken Wednesday in the Schulze because everyone loves chicken, they get drinks and that would save a lot of straws from being used.

We should use less straws on the day that they would be used the most. And even replacing plastic straws with paper straws could be the best option for ULM.

Paper straws are the next best thing; it’s recyclable and doesn’t hurt our turtles.

Straws that we get on campus are bad for the environment and we want to help it.

It’s time to spread the word that they are bad and get paper straws.