Get ‘Tipsy’ at new college bar


On Friday, Aug. 16 doors unlocked for the grand opening of Tipsy: The bar on the bayou.

The building Tipsy is located in what was originally Hammer’s Nightclub; however, it closed down after last spring semester. Historically the location has always been a bar spot. 

The building before Hammer’s called Library Lounge was the bar of the decade until it burned down.

College students were stoked about a new bar opening so close to ULM other than the infamous Cooter Bay.

Tipsy has a totally different vibe than Hammer’s and students are loving every second of it. The building is a perfect place for a college bar.

Tipsy has a college-like atmosphere that any student can enjoy. Even sophomore risk management and insurance major, Luke Cotton, agrees.

“I love Tipsy because it is more of a college bar vibe. I also do not spend the whole night sweating because of how big the bar is and how nice the  outside area is,” Cotton said.

    Tipsy is only open on Friday and Saturday nights and they are normally  packed to full capacity both nights. If you drive by the building on those nights, you will see people lined up all the way to the road pushing and shoving to get into the door.

    When you first walk into Tipsy, you pay a cover of usually seven to 10 dollars and then you walk into the perfect college bar experience.

There are pool tables in the front room of the bar and a designated area for the dance floor and DJ booth.

For a dancing fanatic like myself, the dance floor is so much better compared to Hammer’s Nightclub. I feel like there is so much more room. Also, you don’t feel as hot and sweaty from the fans that blow from the top of the lights.

Another fun feature Tipsy has is the arcade bowling games and a punching game. So, even if you don’t like to dance, but want to do something, there is something for you to enjoy.

    The building is huge and has a long bar that extends far across. This allows about six bartenders to all be serving at the same time.

Tipsy even has their own personal shot girls that walk around the bar all night selling one dollar shots so you never have to go to the bar to get a drink if you enjoy shots.

    There are also a few booths for people to sit in, enjoy their drinks and conversate with their friends. Bartenders at Tipsy love their job and how busy the bar stays.

“I love working at Tipsy and the friendships I have with the other bartenders and my customers. My favorite part about the bar is the arcade games we have,” said Reagan Lloyd, junior marketing major and bartender at Tipsy.

Along with a spacious inside area, Tipsy has a big outside patio with a beautiful view of the bayou. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset cover the bayou while you wait to get into Tipsy.

The new bar recently created “Tipsy Fridays” a night full of drink specials and special free cover for ladies until 11 p.m.

I think Tipsy will last longer than Hammer’s Nightclub did or at least I hope so.

    What are you waiting for? Go check Tipsy out for yourself this weekend.

You won’t regret it especially with all its fun features that most bars don’t have. I’ll see you at Tipsy!