Essentials for tailgating


Its finally college football season and its time to start tailgating! Here is a quick reminder of things to remember before going tailgating with your fellow Warhawks.

Student organizations will  have their own personal spaces in the new grove open to all students with free refreshments and food. So, you can cross those particular things off your checklist of items.

Do not forget the basic essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen and Warhawk attire.

Sunglasses will come in handy when you’re  standing in the sun tailgating or trying to watch the football game.

The sun can also cause problems with sunburning so always pack along sunscreen. Just in case the weather is questionable pack an umbrella and rain coat if needed.

Show off your Warhawk pride with your maroon and gold shirt or jersey, face stickers and glitter. Show your support for ULM not only at the game but during tailgating as well.

Music is also a big thing about tailgating. Do not forget your speaker or radio so you can listen to your favorite hits while enjoying the time preparing for the game.

Typically, fans bring tents, chairs and grills to tailgate, but in the grove, students are not allowed to bring these things unless you are one of the groups who have paid to reserve specific spots.

RSO’s will provide this for students  who are wanting to join in on the celebration and partying.

A big thing to remember when packing for the grove is to bring a plastic water bottle or container. Due to safety reasons, glass containers are not allowed.

Although tailgating should be fun and festive for all Warhawk fans, it is also a big deal to clean up after yourself. No one wants to clean a big mess after a long day of    tailgating.

When you come to the grove, bring a positive attitude. When you are positive about the football game, you bring positivity to others and to the football players.

Cheering on the team and hyping up the game is an essential for tailgating so our confidence for the game will go up.

Also, remember that we are representing our school when tailgating in the grove.

Stay responsible and safe before, during and after the game and at tailgating.

Everyone wants to enjoy game days and live the tailgating life, but remember keeping yourself safe is what is important at the end of the day.

Enjoy your day of tailgating, attend the game and support our athletes. GO! HAWKS GO!