Fall fashion for ladies: Feel trendy, authentic jnojnoj

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Fall fashion for ladies: Feel trendy, authentic jnojnoj

Nishma Gautam, [email protected]

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Sweater weather is slowly approaching. It’s time to say goodbye to tops and welcome cute jackets and calf-boots. Balloon sleeve, turtleneck and the sweater dress options are endless.

This fall, stay warm or go out in the chunkiest, most effortless and chic outfits below.

The pure autumn shades or color trends are a mixture of creamy yellows like butterscotch, along with soft, nutty browns like  almond or hazel.

Dark Florals :

Spring is the season for florals but dark floral pieces are going to be trendy this autumn. You can pair up a dark floral midi dress with calf-boots. Casual tees can also be dressed up with a simple or colorful patterned mini skirt.I’d probably mix it up with a metallic bracelet and a top handle bag.


If the weather is being unpredictable and you don’t want to wear pants, but also don’t want to wear shorts, throw on a casual, cute skirt with various buttons all the way down.

This simple piece of clothing will make your outfit stand out.  A skirt can be casual for a movie date or fancy for a wedding depending on how you dress it up.

Mini skirts can be made fancy with a nice blouse and heels or booties, but can be more casual with sneakers and a comfortable t-shirt. Even on days where the weather is chilly, one can always throw on a turtleneck sweater with a faux-leather skirt.


I see a lot of mustard yellow outfits. You can wear a cute balloon sleeve sweater with a pair of jeans and style it with ankle boots or adjustable buckle platform sandals. Yellow might seem like a difficult color to pull off but once you try it on it can bring out the best features of your face like the color of your eyes or you skin color. With different pretty yellows, you’ll be looking too cute with a little bit of style!

Flared Pants:

Now we’re going to be talking about the most controversial pants. Yes, it’s the flared pants. But if it’s paired right, it’s going to look so trendy and cool.

The flared jeans are making a comeback and I’m seeing them more and more. Make sure that they fit you around your wais, through your thigh and ever so slightly flare out. I highly recommend heels with them.

This autumn, wear something trendy and feel confident!  Fall is on the best times to make cute outfits.Now go and venture out and use these tips when planning out your fall outfits this year.