Netflix shows worth binging


ULM Hawkeye

The Sinner

Some might consider this one a little too drawn-out for their liking. However, “The Sinner’s” tension provides a unique storyline. Excellent actors make up for an otherwise slow burn. I will keep this description mysterious, as it prepares you for the vibe of the show.


“Atypical” sets off on a way happier note than the previously mentioned show. It introduces the audience with plenty of hilarious moments. This story follows an autistic teen navigating his way through his senior year of high school and his transition to college. “Atypical” is a light hearted show with very few down moments and is a perfect for a quick mood picker-upper.

Tuca & Bertie

This Netflix original is a quirky animation about two bird best friends. “Tuca & Bertie” is a true comedy. It is  sure to have you laughing within the very first few minutes. So if you are having a rough and stressful day and want something to change up the mood this is the show for you.

Awake:  The Million Dollar Game

“Awake” is a game show that deprives contestants of 24 hours of sleep, then pits them against one another for the chance of one million dollars. This might be the most necessary binge for college students, as it illustrates the detriments affecting the human body when sleep is ignored.