Beats dropped at Schulze


After grabbing dinner students, raced outside to the patio area of Schulze to find the best seat for the show. “To kick off the school year after Week of Welcome, we decided open mic night would be fun for everyone and people of different ethnicity and backgrounds can come out and showcase what they have,” said John Mckeel, the CAB vice president and junior psychology major.

Friday evening as the sun was just beginning to go down, open mic night began at Schulze Cafeteria. Campus Activates Board sponsored a night full of talent, laughter and people singing and rapping their hearts out.

Members of Campus Activities Board were very excited about this event because of the great turnout last year.
Madison Frost, CAB special events committee head and junior Spanish major, was ecstatic for this event because she has been planning it for weeks.
“I am excited to see all of the artist, singers and rappers that come out and show what they got and win some prizes,” Frost said before the show.
This year the event had a great turnout of students wanting to sing or listen and dance to others singing. This is many people’s favorite event because people from all over campus join together in the fun.

Performers at open mic night really enjoyed the event and the audience. The students watching the different acts were cheering them on and made their experience better. Sophomore computer information system major and participant of open mic night, Bryce Lovelady agreed.
“To see everyone not stressing for once in college and just out having fun and being together was the most regarding part of it all,” Lovelady said.
Another participant that is new to campus and loves rapping is, freshman risk management and insurance major, Sam Spears.

“I was thrilled to participate in this event. I very much hope that people enjoyed themselves and I hope I can do it again soon,” Spears said.
If you passed Schulze Cafeteria during open mic night you probably heard the crowd cheering on different acts taking the “stage.” You could feel the excitement from a mile away and it was just the perfect environment for students to feel comfortable dropping a couple of rhymes or singing the evening away with karaoke.