Wesley Foundation welcomes everyone to their Friday nights


Although students were unable to kayak after dark, Wesley’s doors stay open almost all night every Friday throughout the semester. Competitive games of ping pong, a few rounds of Mario kart or cooking take place at their weekly game nights.
This allows students to come together and decompress after a draining week of school.
“The purpose of Wesley hosting game nights is to provide a haven for people to hang out at on the weekends,” said Sarah Spicer, senior English major and a member of the Wesley leadership team.
Spicer traced back memories to her freshman year. From the get-go, she had never felt left out of place at the Wesley with its warm southern feel and its welcoming atmosphere.
“Wesley was my first home at ULM. When I walked through the doors I felt as though everyone had genuinely wanted to talk to me, and that they weren’t absorbed in their own cliques,” Spicer said.
Walking in the room, no one is sitting alone.
“We bring a variety of games, so that way everyone can feel involved,” said Jakob West, senior psychology major.
Opening the doors at 7:30 p.m., game night doesn’t close until late.
“There is no set limit as to when the party ends Friday nights. We are just open late,” West said.
Several members of Wesley said that Wesley doesn’t close until “super-duper late.” A late night at the Wesley is a new perfect way to spend Friday nights.
Another focal point of Wesley is their mission of “come, grow, serve.” Fun and games are great, but this is one of the many ways Wesley is trying to make an impact in the community.
“You come to the Wesley, you grow here as a Christian and eventually you go out and serve to those around you,” Spicer said.
Serving your community by being a light and friend to anyone is one of the many reasons Wesley organizations can be found all across the country.
This religious group is not the only of its kind. There are several people on several other campuses who not only get involved at game nights but all around the year too.
Friday nights at ULM’s Wesley are still an ongoing tradition as these events draw near on the one year mark of fun-filled Friday nights, and carry over to provide a welcoming atmosphere for generations to come.