Fans react to ‘13 Reasons Why’: mix of disgust, delight, excitement


Sydney Curtis, [email protected]

Since the show’s debut on March 31, 2017, the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” has jump-started conversations about mental health, sexual assault and other issues that teens face in today’s world. But it has faced backlash from mental health experts, parents and other viewers about their approach to certain situations and scenes.
Some critiques say that the show glamorizes suicide and executes sexual assault scenes irresponsibly. The show was condemned by mental health experts for provoking a copycat effect.
A connection between the escalation of teen suicides and the popularity of the show was discovered. The producers claimed that season three would turn down a notch and would focus on the murder mystery.
Season three focuses on redemption, the “Me Too” movement and mental health. This season was not as graphic as the first two. There were no rape scenes or suicides- just a shocking murder that leaves viewers guessing.

The most hated character from season one and two is the well-known rapist who gets off the hook in the season two finale, Bryce Walker. Season three is focused on who killed him, but viewers get a glimpse of what’s really going on in Walker’s head.
People may start to see him as more of a human and less of a monster. The show does an excellent job of portraying Walker in his final weeks and builds up the suspense of the mystery behind his murder.

A new character that has sparked controversy is Ani. People on Twitter refer to her character as “nosy’, “annoying” and a “liar.” The number of memes created about her character have been immense since the season was added on Netflix.
Every episode is filled with tension as you try to guess which character could be capable of doing something so evil. You think you know these characters, but the finale will have viewers holding their breath and sitting in shock as the killer is revealed.
The viewer will question each character as they go through every episode. The mystery will make anyone stay up all night binge-watching all 13 episodes.
“13 Reasons Why” may step on some people’s toes, but maybe it’s because it talks about problems that society has disregarded for centuries. Other topics like substance abuse, redemption, depression and anxiety are portrayed too. And they show all the right steps to getting help.

This show is not for everybody. But for the people who do choose to watch it, they are in for a crazy ride. You will be in a roller coaster of emotions that will leave you laughing, crying, celebrating and gasping.