Soccer captains share daily routines


Being a college athlete is a difficult thing to do. It’s not sunshine and rainbows once you get accepted into a division one program. The work merely begins once you come to school. Soccer is no different.
“When we’re not in a classroom we’re at soccer and when we’re not at soccer we’re probably studying,” said Alexiss Trudeau, senior defender for the soccer team.
Trudeau and Bailey Botkin, a junior defender, are both team captains of the Warhawks soccer team. They know what it takes to be successful on the field, off the field and in the classroom.
Instead of a normal wake up time college athletes like the defending duo of Botkin and Trudeau are up early for practice.
“We have morning practice at about 5:30 a.m. and practice until about 7:45 a.m. I have eight a.m.’s this year so I have to get out early, shower and run to class,” Trudeau said.
As athletes they have more responsibilities than a normal full-time student. The pair have practices, weight sessions and film sessions that they attend every week. The players have to juggle school and sports at all times. In a sport like soccer where you have early morning workouts players have to alter their sleep and study schedules.
“Studying sucks because we have morning practices and we try to go to bed early but you kind of have to study,” Trudeau said.
During the fall semester soccer is in season. The girls have to worry about more than just working out and school because they play a full schedule of games. Gameday rituals and routines are a must follow to get into the spirit and be successful on the field.
“Bailey makes breakfast for us on gamedays,” Trudeau said.
Botkin likes to cook for her teammates that she lives with to start the day off right. Toast, bacon, sausage and over easy eggs are some of Botkin’s staples on the breakfast table.
Gameday is full of rituals and superstitions for her. After breakfast she’ll read her daily devotionals, wear her lucky spandex for the game and drink a spark energy drink. Botkin has to be half way through her drink when coach starts explaining the game tactics. Because according to her, if the drink routine isn’t on schedule, her game is affected.
“Lately I haven’t been playing so good,” Botkin said laughing.
If there is an away game the routine usually stays the same although staying in touch with loved ones is more of a priority.
“I text my family when we’re on the bus on our way to a game and then after the game I call my dad,” Botkin said.
The last thing that the girls make time for during their busy days is to go see the chiropractor. As a college athlete their health is their biggest concern. The girls make sure to take every precaution to stay healthy and recover well.
“We go to the chiropractor if we’re at home before or after practice on gameday,” Botkin said.