Students get involved in politics


Graphics By: Sunil Bishwokarma

Most college students are of the age to vote, but several choose not to because they do not know how the process works. This past week, a polling station was held on campus to help students in registering to vote.

It is important for students to be educated on state and national voting, but it is also important for them to be educated on campus voting as well.

Freshman political science major, Chloe Hillman, is running for a position on ULM’s Student Government Association. She said she is passionate about politics and believes everyone should participate in the voting process whether it is off or on campus.

“I think politics are a very important aspect of life and requires people’s input because the government is for the people,” Hillman said. “I understand the ins and outs of voting and how a candidate always needs your vote.”

According to the New York Times, fewer than half of Americans believe their vote will matter in the grand scheme of things. Freshman political science major, Tyler McMurry, said voting is one of the most important ways people can display their ideas.

“I think everyone should vote because why would you not want your voice to be heard?,” McMurry said.

Political science professor, Dr. Leigh Hersey, supports the idea of more events like the polling station and KEDM’s public forums.

“I am glad that ULM has made it easy for our students to register to vote,” Hersey said. “Voting is an important right that we have as U.S. citizens. By showing up to vote, our politicians will realize that the voices of our young people matter and they have to address these needs.”

Now that freshman political science major, Jordan Jones, is of age to vote he said he will be participating in this year’s elections. Students are aware, at least on some level, of things happening in the government because of social media sites such as Twitter. Jones said he believes students should broaden their understanding of the government in their young age.

“I will be voting this year,” Jones said. “I think it is very important to vote, because everyone needs to understand different forms of the government and it’s easier and better to start now rather than later.”

Hersey agrees with Jones that students should begin their involvement in politics right now.

“It is so important for our students to vote,” Hersey said. “The policies that our leaders are making now will impact our students over the next few years when they are establishing themselves in the workplace and society. When they vote, students are making a direct impact on their futures.”