4 ideal jobs for college students

ULM Hawkeye

Restaurant Server/Bartender

Monroe is full of restaurants always hiring for servers and bartenders. Most restaurants are flexible with student’s school schedule and most shifts would be at night. Although servers and bartenders get paid less than minimum wage, they make a decent amount of tips every shift. Most places even let you leave with all your tips in cash. This is the perfect job for a student who wants fast cash and does not mind working on their feet.


Almost all stores such as Walmart, Target and clothing stores are looking for people to hire for positions such as a store clerk or even a shelf stocker. Most store jobs pay their employees at least minimum wage if not more and most shifts can be worked around your schedule. To work in the store industry one must be friendly and welcoming to customers. They must also have very good people skills. Cashier jobs are fairly easy and the outcome will be a nice check in two weeks.


If you are an animal lover or love kids and taking care of them, this job is perfect for you. Most families pay students to watch their children after school or animals while they are on vacation. This job is one that would work well for a college student because it is not a job that would interfere with school hours. This is also a perfect way to earn quick money by doing something you love. It can also prepare younger people for what it is like to have children which can be beneficial.

On-Campus Jobs/Tutor

Almost all departments on campus hire student workers to put in hours in between and after classes. This type of job is perfect for students with a crazy schedule. Most on-campus jobs pay their employees minimum wage which will amount to a decent check. The Student Success Center also is hires tutors for athletes or for any other student struggling in a particular class. This job can also be very flexible around a school schedule.