Good Day to be a Warhawk


While the football team’s last game ended in defeat against Florida State, there was a silver lining in the clouds that weekend.

Senior linebacker Chase Day was the Louisiana Sports Writers Association’s Defensive Player of the Week for the second week in a row.

Day alongside LSU quarterback Joe Burrow were repeat winners having also been named by the LSWA in week one.

The ULM linebacker recorded eight tackles, including two for losses of eight yards. Day also had an interception against Florida State. He’s had an interception in back-to-back games for the first time in his career.

After two games this season, Day is averaging 10 tackles per game. Before this season, 10 tackles in a game was his career best.

“It’s a great honor there’s a lot of great players in Louisiana on defense, especially on our team,” Day said.

While honored to have been named, Day said he doesn’t see the achievement as an individual one. According to him, it’s still a group award. Without his teammates, he couldn’t do what he does on the field. However, he does mention one other secret to his success.

“A big part of what I’m doing is being a little bit more healthy, now, then I’ve been in the past,” Day said.

Mike Collins, the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator, agrees with Day and said his overall health and the way he takes care of himself off the field has been a defining factor in his game.

“What he did was put in the work. He had ankle surgery after last season, we didn’t have him until Jan. He basically missed spring practice so he had to put in double time in the summer,” Collins said.

According to Collins, Day’s commitment to staying healthy is what sets him apart from any other college player in the state. In fact, Collins said the what Day does to stay healthy are habits seen by the pros.

“The really great ones, that’s what they do, the ones you see on Sunday, that’s what they do. Those guys know how to take care of themselves,” Collins said.

This past week was a bye week for the Warhawks. With the weekend off, Day still did what he could to keep his body good. He spent the weekend back home with his family in Baton Rouge. Saturday morning, he had a dry needle and cupping procedure done to help relieve inflammation and better blood flow. Dry needling is a type of therapy that may ease muscle pain by sticking needles into the skin at certain locations. Cupping uses suction to ease pain, inflammation and blood flow, according to WebMD.

A healthy Day, usually means a good day for the Warhawks on game day. Collins goes as far as to liken Day’s leadership on the field to that of a football’s team typical captain.

“He’s evolved, he’s very smart. He’s learned what we want. He’s like our quarterback,” Collins said.