Cooling off with CAB: Students enjoy ice cream


Ice cream, various toppings, booming music, games and even a raffle drawing for a ULM jersey shirt is what students enjoyed Saturday in Bayou Park.

This was a typical depiction of “bringing the fun to the students”.

“A lot of students go home for the weekend so, my goal for these events was to make more students want to stay on campus,” said Michael Zhou, a Campus Activities Board commitee head and junior accounting major.

Zhou said that he wanted to do this on the weekends so that students that stay on campus on the weekends will have something to do.

He said, the next social will be a watch party at The Nest for the next away football game. Just like the ice cream social, the next social will also serve as a way for students to meet people and connect.

The variety of the event was appealing to the students. They had three main flavors of ice cream, different types of ice cream toppings, two different games that students could play.

The whole atmosphere was relaxing and welcoming.

Ariana Brown a sophomore pre-speech pathology major who attended the event said, “I think it was really refreshing especially since the weather is so nice, it’s a very pleasant environment generally.”

The simplicity of the games intentionally provided a chance for students to relate while playing non-competitive games.

he students could focus on listening and contributing to the conversations they have.

“I have been in CAB for about two and a half years now and I think our events on campus makes students happy and gives them a place to take a break away from the stress and worries from their college lives,” said Samaria Pratt, a junior radiologic technology major.

Bayou Park was buzzing with conversations and interactions between students. They were visibly relaxed and were a lot more prepared to face whatever came in the next week of school.